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The Increase Association, also known as "Increase", connects and strengthens TEE and other church-based training movements across Asia and beyond.

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New Diaspora Resource 

If you know people involved in discipling believers from other countries, have a look at our new Diaspora Booklet! 60 pages full of ideas and practical tips!

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In October 2018 Increase published the book TEE in Asia: Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples. The book is a collaboration of writers, editors and publishers within the Increase community.

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Every year, around 100,000 adult Christians are being equipped through TEE courses. Read what God is doing in their lives!

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News from the Leadership Team

Tim Green is stepping down from his role as General Secretary to focus on his calling for the growing worldwide movement of Muslim background believers. Graham Aylett is now General Secretary Elect until he will take over from Tim in March 2021.  A new Executive Team is forming around Graham, with an Operations Manager, and two Coordinators. 


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News from the Diaspora Task Group 

diaspora booklet 

If you know people involved in discipling believers from other countries, you may be interested in the new diaspora resource being launched this week! The Increase Diaspora Task Group have put a Diaspora Booklet together. It is 60 pages long, full of ideas on things like:

  • Guidelines for starting TEE for Diaspora Communities;
  • How to obtain TEE Resources for Diaspora;
  • Ways for the Group Leaders’ Training for the Diaspora

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