Case Study: Nepal

The team in Nepal is working with online TEE groups now, due to the Covid Crisis. Apart from five Abundant Life classes, who are progressing really well while people have a lot of extra time on their hands, a preaching group is also running online, and it actually works really well online.

The participants individually work through each chapter online. Students work with a Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. When they’ve finished the homework for the lesson, a discussion thread unlocks where students and facilicitar interact on themes to do with the lesson. It works well says ND, because students take their time thinking about their answers, in a group setting there is more pressure to answer quickly.

When the online lesson is done, the group meets on Zoom for a group discussion after each lesson. The biggest advantage is the time saving on travel for everyone, which leaves more time for discussion and questions. They have found a good window that suits the participants.

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Overall about 80% of the students can participate in online courses. “Classes are running beyond my expectation. People tend to enjoy it too, especcially because they have more time now for doing their course. One Abundant Life group even wanted to do a lesson every day, but we decided it's better to take it slower in order for them to do the practical applications and think about the themes in more depth.”

The team expects to continue to use Zoom and Online teaching, even when the lockdown ends, because it works well and most people are happy with it. The team is thinking about a balanced mix between online meetings and face to face interaction, because real life meetings offer something that technology can’t replace.

The advice for other TEE teams is: keep serving the people. In the end it doesn’t matter in what way you do it, whether you use online books or paper books, whether you use Facebook or Whatsapp or Skype or something else. Let's keep our focus on serving the students and their needs. As long as we keep interacting with them, any system can work.

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