Help a New User Church or Organization To Make a Good Choice of New Group Leaders

Two sets of questions can prepare the way for a wise choice of Group Leaders:
First, from the church’s perspective:

  • What vision for church growth and development does the church leadership have?
  • What part do they hope that groups studying SEAN materials will play in fulfilling this vision?
  • What kind of Group Leaders are most likely to contribute to fulfilling this vision?

Preparing The Ground


Across the world, new Group Leaders are being prepared to use SEAN courses In many different situations. In some places, groups have been using SEAN courses for many years. Those who have already completed courses can be chosen and trained as new Group Leaders.

In other places, SEAN courses, and the TEE method are new. Someone has heard about SEAN courses, and wants to begin using them. This document is addressing such a situation.  How should a TEE Program prepare new Group Leaders where there is no previous experience of SEAN courses or the TEE method?

Principles for TEE Group Leader Training

TEE Group Leaders are prepared effectively in different ways in different programs.

These principles have in mind a situation where a new user wants to start using TEE materials, and a national or regional TEE team visit the new user and runs a training workshop to prepare the first Group Leaders in this new situation.

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