Diaspora Booklet:“Discipling the Nations”

If you know people involved in discipling believers from other countries, you may be interested in the new diaspora resource being launched this week! The Increase Diaspora Task Group have put a Diaspora Booklet together. It is 60 pages long, full of ideas on things like:

  • Guidelines for starting TEE for Diaspora Communities;
  • How to obtain TEE Resources for Diaspora;
  • Ways for the Group Leaders’ Training for the Diaspora.


We hope it will be a useful and innovative tool.


Download the Diaspora Booklet here.


The Diaspora TEE Booklet was launched on zoom on November 3rd 2020. This is the PowerPoint which was shown at that time, along with notes under each slide which gives more explanation. Please feel free to download this and use it in your context, adding extra slides to contextualise it.


In the video below pastor Allan Mao from Australia reviews the Diaspora Booklet and explains how it can be used with diaspora groups and churches.





The links below lead directly to resources mentioned in the booklet.  


Powerpoint Presentations for Group Leader training 


These links lead to PowerPoints that are a useful tool to help the trainers for diaspora groups.

  1.  Vision for Discipleship
  2. TEE Class preparation with Tutor Manual
  3. TEE as tool for Discipleship
  4. Teaching Methods
  5. Preparatory Task 2A
  6. Practical Application and Group Discussion
  7. Moving Forward Together
  8. Introductory Class
  9. How to prepare for TEE Class
  10. Benefits of the TEE Discipleship Program
  11. What is TEE (Nepali)


Training documents for Group Leader Training

  1. How to Coach
  2. Four Key Skills
  3. Abundant Life:Lesson 1, Lesson 2Lesson 3, Lesson 4
  4. Preparatory Task2A – TEE Methods
  5. Sample Plan for group Meeting
  6. Evaluating the Training (Handout)
  7. Attendance sheet for Abundant Life
  8. Student Registration Form
  9. Sharing your vision and passion
  10. Understanding TEE Methodology 1
  11. Understanding TEE Methodology 2
  12. Starting up a new group
  13. Reflection on the Training (Handout)
  14. Timetable (Two day’s Training)
  15. Timetable (One day’s Training)


Other documents in the Diaspora Booklet 

  1. 10 Basic Steps - by David Ball
  2. Increase Association- Diaspora Post card
  3. Istanbul Conference Report (2019)
  4. Moving forward together – Diaspora Task Group Report
  5. Empowering Churches – Discipling the Diaspora PPT 1
  6. Empowering Churches – Discipling the Diaspora PPT 2



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