Diaspora: Discipling the Nations

If you know people involved in discipling believers from other countries, you may be interested in the new diaspora booklet. It is full of practical ideas and testimonies.


View and download the Diaspora Booklet: “Discipling the Nations” here



In countries where the church is small TEE offers a chance for people to become disciples when they are far from home: 

batjargal pixa “My name is Batjargal. I live and study in Salzburg (Austria). I was not a Christian believer in Mongolia,   but in Austria I met a Mongolian pastor and I heard about Jesus from him. 

I received Jesus as my Saviour. Then I studied Abundant Life (one of the popular TEE courses) in my own language! I found out more about Jesus, about being born again, about faith, obedience and forgiveness from sin.

It was a real  blessing and I grew in faith. I learnt a lot of Bible verses. Using the verses I memorized, I shared the Good News with friends at school, and two of them have now come to church."


Nearly 7 million migrants and refugees from many countries live in Malaysia! Many of these are from Nepal and there are now 36 TEE Class croppedTEE classes in Nepali.

Abhishek was trained as group leader in Malaysia, and when he returned to Nepal in one year’s time, he started 4 TEE groups with 32 members in his village. He has become a disciple maker and a blessing to his Church in Nepal.



Diaspora Statement

The UN reports that right now there are 272 million migrants worldwide, a number that has been growing rapidly over the past ten years. This is a great opportunity for the church to reach people who may not hear the good news otherwise.
Increase set up a task group on Diaspora TEE to follow its development and to see how it can best work in practice. Open the Increase Diaspora Statement to learn more about our intent.


Increase Members using TEE for Diaspora

Increase members are tuning in with God’s work among Asian people scattered around the globe. Follow the links to find out more about the amazing things that have happened all over the world.

Nepali Diaspora in the UK. An estimated 80,000 Nepalis live in the UK. TEE is encouraging Nepali believers and teaching them how to share their faith: read more 

Chinese Diaspora. Chinese churches are scattered all around the world and Jason and Jane Lee have taken on the challenge of reaching out to them: read more

In Australia and New Zealand you can hear Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Mandarin, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean,and other languages on the streets. How to disciple these people? read more

Nepali Diaspora in India. Over a million Nepalis work in the Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri tea gardens, and TEE leaders often have to travel to some very remote locations in order to visit their tutors and students. read more


If you want to know more about starting a Diaspora TEE group in your church, use the links below to find out more. 

  • . Training Group Leaders for Diaspora TEE:
  1. Guidelines for Group Leader Training
  2. Group Leader Training Videos
  3. Online Group Leader Training Workshop by Crosswired

 In the videos below two pastors explain how diaspora TEE is used in their churches: 

Further Reading: 

A reflection on the nature of the Church as a Diaspora Community and some implications for Mission and Discipleship by David Ball: Foreigners and Exiles

Jesus’ final command on earth was to make disciples of ‘all nations’. We need not cross the seas to reach them; we just need to cross the street! Discipling the Diaspora


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