The Hidden Curriculum in TEE

By some definitions, the curriculum is the sum total of all learning experiences students have in a given college or program.  

In this consultation, we have used a more limited definition, since our aim is to give primary attention to the courses we offer in TEE.

However, it is critically important to realise that students are learning from all the experiences they have in any college, school, or TEE program. The context and the structures of our program convey their own para-messages. (Para = alongside)  We always have both an explicit and an implicit curriculum.  The question is whether we are aware of our implicit, or ‘hidden’ curriculum, and whether this supports or undermines our explicit curriculum.  

Alternative & Innovative Models of Curriculum Design


The curriculum will depend on our TARGET GROUP, their NEEDS, and our PROGRAM OBJECTIVES.

Think of the curriculum as a pie that can be cut in many different ways.

Modifying an Existing Curriculum

Most of us already have a curriculum of one kind or another, so we are not starting from the beginning.  And most curricula need updating or improving from time to time as situations change.

We will use our Interactive Linear Model of Curriculum Design again here. It is really a cycle, which allows us to evaluate our programs and update or improve them from time to time as needed.

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