TEE in Asia: Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples

In October 2018 Increase published the book TEE in Asia: Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples. The book is a collaboration of writers, editors and publishers within the Increase community. In three parts it tells the story of TEE in Asia.  tee cover

In the first part of the book the authors explore the educational methodology behind TEE. It looks at discipleship and how disciples and leaders are equipped through TEE. It also shows how TEE course design benefits all learners, not just those with a previous theological education, and how courses are relevant in each learner’s context. This part also takes you briefly through the worldwide history of TEE.

In the second part of the book, readers get a glimpse of how TEE works in practice in Asia today. In this part we see both how individuals benefit from TEE and how TEE has an impact on the churches. There are many testimonials. We’ll take a few examples:

A police officer from Pakistan shares:

When I began to take this course, I realized that actually I am a corrupt man... After taking this course I committed myself to the Lord. Now I will be faithful in my work and also in what I earn. I will not take bribes anymore.

TEE equips churches, partly because churchgoers are transformed, partly because it equips Christian leaders better. Reverend Somjai from Thailand says:

I clearly see that those who never dared to speak are now bold enough to speak and express themselves. Those who never thought they could help teach are now able to stand up and teach the Bible. Those who never thought they would stand before the congregation are now able to help me preach. Our church never had a ministry team, but now we have several teams serving side by side with me.

In the third part we take a closer look at Increase and see how Increase is contributing to developments of TEE. This part opens the discussion to questions like:

  • How can TEE group leaders receive excellent training and support for their key role?

  • How can new transformative TEE courses be developed for 21st century Asia?

  • How can the TEE movement harness the potential of digital technology?

  • How can training organizations work together for integrated learning pathways?

  • How can church based training and residential training build good partnership?

  • How can the reach of diaspora TEE be extended worldwide?

An important contribution is the extended bibliography that is included. It lists works on TEE that have been published from 2000 onwards that shows TEE is alive and well in the 21st century.


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