Increase Network News June 2013

Increase connects and strengthens indigenous church-based training movements across Asia.

As participants, friends, and supporters of the work of Increase you will be interested to hear the results of a recent meeting of the Increase Committee in Oxford.  This was the first face-to-face meeting of the committee since the Nepal conference in 2010.  It’s amazing that we have been able to do so much together using Skype.

Several initiatives since Increase’s beginnings in 2006 have brought the TEE movement in Asia together and enabled “best practices” to be shared among the many local programmes.  TEE is ‘theological education by extension’ but is better understood as ‘a tool to equip and enable’.  It is a tool for churches to equip and enable all members for mission and ministry in their contexts.  Increase has also helped to fuel the birthing of several TEE ministries serving the pressed but growing church in Central Asia.  With so much opportunity for church-based training it was clear that Increase needed to pause and develop a roadmap for the future that would engage a broader base of practitioners.  This we did in Oxford with the wonderful help of an outside facilitator, Denise Pavey and logistics provided by Rachel Green, Pauline Huggins and friends.

Oxford Conclusions

Asia focus—Global voice. We decided that while our focus will remain Asia and Asian diasporas, many of the products of various collaborations, for example, DVDs of presentations at the 2012 ‘Laying a Good Foundation’ conference and the 2013 ‘Curriculum Consultation’, will benefit a global audience.   

Energize the TEE Equippers and educational Consultants to strengthen the pan-Asia work, through advising and helping national TEE programmes and bringing fresh thinking for TEE in the 21st century.

Exploit the internet for our Global voice using our website as a platform for news, training resources and collaboration.

Expand gradually from the TEE core to a wider engagement connecting with other forms of church-based training with similar vision and values.

Establish a UK Charity to support expanded initiatives but with Increase’s heart and head in Asia.

Build broader ownership and momentum through a 2014 consultation bringing together key stakeholders for shared vision-setting.

Shift to a more structured network with a central membership of practitioners contributing to Increase, and a wider network of like-minded friends.

Submitted with a thankful heart
Richard Morris
Increase Network Committee
On behalf of
Anneta Vysotskaya
Graham Aylett
Stephen Cho
Tim Green
Michael Huggins
Zafar Ismail

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