Course Writers in Asia

The Course Writers Training breaks new ground.  It will equip twelve selected Increase member organizations to write new TEE courses for their own Asian contexts in the 21st century.

How was this training developed?

Two of Increase’s Task Groups worked together:

  • The Transformational Learning group focused on how transformation happens for adult learners;
  • The New Courses for Asia task group brings expertise from Increase members already experienced in writing courses for their contexts.

Throughout the planning period we were helped by senior advisors with expertise in education, including Dr. Patricia Harrison, Dr. Perry Shaw and Dr. Allan Harkness.


How does the training work?

We recognize that a single workshop rarely leads on its own to new writers and new courses.  Instead, a much more sustained effort is needed.  

So this scheme takes a full 18 months, from March 2017 to September 2018:

  • During that period the writers meet three times in workshops;
  • Between the workshops they work steadily on their courses with the ongoing support of a mentor;
  • Context comes before content.  The first workshop equips them just to research the needs in their situation before they start the actual writing in the second workshop.

Read here for more details.

What are the planned outcomes?

course writers training

TEE courses which help learners in community to:

  • Shine the light of the Bible on specific situations in local contexts      
  • Integrate action and reflection – intentionally
  • Grow more like Christ in knowledge, attitudes, abilities and relationships
  • Be transformed themselves and help bring transformation in their circles of influence.


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