Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples Conference

In November 2017, 168 Christian leaders from across Asia and the world gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the Increase Association conference ‘Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples’. They shared a vision for “churches equipping all Christ’s followers in their contexts, so that many millions are discipled and empowered for mission, ministry and leadership.”

Asia today is seeing unprecedented Christian growth, with several million new followers of Christ each year and many thousands of new churches. From Egypt to Indonesia and most countries in between, indigenous movements are responding to the need to make disciples and equip local leaders. They are linked through the Increase Association and comprised most of the conference participants, along with some visitors from Africa, the Americas, Europe and Australasia.

Through these Asian movements, more than 100,000 believers are being equipped through intentional discipleship groups every week.

To read the Conference Report, click here.

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